Monday, October 26, 2015

Massage Therapy: Refreshing the Body & Mind

Thanks for coming on back to the Enky Inc. blog! To recognize National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, we're focusing on Massage Therapy for our Profession of the Week. Massage therapists help millions of people each year cope with pain & stress, both physical & mental. Massages can be used to treat back & joint pain, trouble sleeping, depression & anxiety, as well as lower blood pressure & heart rate. Massage therapists are a diverse group of professionals, as there are many different career paths to follow within the massage therapy field. Many of these professionals are self-employed, while others work in medical practices or massage franchises that have become widespread in the US. The profession is growing at an extremely rapid rate, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting a 23% increase in jobs in the field between 2012 & 2022 (the average growth for all professions over this period is 11%). Compared to other healthcare professions, massage therapy is relatively easy to learn; most states that require licensing for massage make professionals take between 500 & 1,000 hours of training, which is comparatively low. Massage therapy is also a flexible profession, with over 60% of therapists working a part-time schedule. This, combined with the large number of self-employed massage therapists, allows for professionals in the field to practice their profession on their own terms while still earning money & providing a valuable, in-demand service. Check out the infographic below for more info about this exciting & accessible profession & keep coming back to this blog & our social media pages this week to find out more about Massage Therapy!




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