Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Forward to 2016

The past year has been an exciting one for Enky, as we have grown from an idea to a true business start-up. Enky was started back in June by our co-founders & executive team, Mike Coté & Bryan Andrade, as a simple way for professionals across the US to find, track, & complete their continuing education credits. Since then, we have been hard at work on further developing & testing the idea through our interactions with future users & course provider partners who will form the 2 sides of our Professional Education Marketplace. Your feedback has been critical in learning what different professionals from industries as varied as healthcare (for humans & animals), finance, & design/engineering need in a continuing education solution. Please continue interacting with us via our Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as over email, so we can listen to your concerns & suggestions & use them to improve our service.

Speaking of the Enky service, we are excited to announce that we will be launching a public beta version of the Enky Professional Education Marketplace during the 2nd Quarter of 2016! This beta will have all of the features we have detailed in our previous blog posts, including: a full search to find continuing education courses throughout the US, Enky SmartTrack to help users track & manage their past, current, & future education courses, Deadline Digest to remind you of upcoming deadlines & courses, and our proprietary Course Recommendation Engine which uses browsing history & information shared by the user to tailor course suggestions to each individual professional. Registration for the public beta is now open at enky.com & is simple & completely free of charge. We are deeply committed to serving the professional community as best we can & we are sure that we will not let you down. Stay tuned for more frequent updates on our progress with the beta release & all of the great professional content you have come to expect from the Enky team. We look forward to seeing you in the Professional Education Marketplace!


The Enky Team


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