Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kindergarten & Elementary Teachers: The Front Lines in American Education

We're happy to welcome you back to the Enky Inc. blog for our celebration of American Education Week 2015! This special week is meant to honor all those teachers who have worked to help American children learn to the best of their abilities. This year, American Education Week's theme is "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right & Our Responsibility". Here at Enky, we fully support American public education, but we do not want to forget all of the teachers who work so hard in private & charter schools across the country. This week will be a celebration of all of the American teachers who spend so much time & energy making sure our children are learning as much & as well as they can. To tie our Profession of the Week series into the American Education Week theme, we will be focusing on Kindergarten & Elementary School teachers this week.

Kindergarten & Elementary School teachers are often the first professional educators children encounter in a school setting & thus have a grand impact on their educational futures. These teachers are entrusted with the early learning outcomes of America's children & have a very challenging job in not only educating children in subjects like math, reading, & history, but also in social skills such as communicating with others & following classroom rules. These educators often work in teams to ensure good learning outcomes for all children in the class, regardless of the child's learning speed or ability. Kindergarten & Elementary teachers generally must have a Bachelor's degree either in education or in a specific subject area they may teach. Teachers in public schools must be licensed or certified by the state they work in, which is usually accomplished via a series of exams & a period of student teaching within an actual classroom setting. Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about these amazingly selfless professionals & keep checking the Enky social media pages all week for lots more American Education Week content!!
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