Monday, June 15, 2015

What is Enky?

Welcome to the Enky Inc. blog! My name is Mike Coté and I am the CEO and co-founder of Enky, Inc., a brand new web start-up committed to changing professional education for the better. We are focused on making the continuing education process simpler, faster, cheaper and more transparent for professionals of all types, from accountants to veterinarians and everyone in between. Our free to use marketplace will allow professionals to search a comprehensive database of thousands of continuing education courses from state-accredited providers, as well as training and professional development courses from vetted non-accredited providers. Finally, professionals will be able to easily compare course content, pricing, and user reviews across various providers to find the best fit for their learning style, budget, and busy schedule!

Professionals who visit Enky will be able to search our marketplace free of charge without being forced to register for an account. However, visitors who choose to register as Enky users through our quick and easy process will have access to a myriad of helpful, free features to assist them on their professional development journey. Registered Enky users will be able to track their continuing education credit data through our unique credit management tool, set and measure progress towards certification and training goals, and even receive automated course registration and license renewal deadline reminders. What really makes Enky special is our proprietary Course Recommendation Engine, which combines a user’s previous education credit history with insights gained from users’ Enky browsing data to suggest new courses the user may be interested in taking. This use of data to enhance professional learning and development is the first of its kind and will serve to make choosing professional education courses easier as well as opening up users to new areas of study in their fields.

As we approach our launch in the coming months, this blog will be updated with the status of our progress towards the launch as well as further information about Enky, our team, and the features and support you can come to expect from us. Furthermore, this blog will explore the topic of continuing professional education, the challenges and benefits of being a professional, and stories of life from actual professionals in a wide variety of fields (including myself, a Certified Public Accountant). We look forward to serving you with the best professional education site on the web, and hope you check back here often for news and updates!

Yours truly,

Mike Coté
Enky Inc. CEO/Co-Founder


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