Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Increase Your Profits for Free with Enky

On this blog, we’ve been talking a lot about what Enky can and will do for professionals across the country. What we haven’t discussed are all of the benefits Enky will bring to the professional education industry, especially those independent course providers that make up such a large portion of the current system. We aim to fundamentally change the way professional education works, but these changes will not only be beneficial to course providers individually, they will lead to overall growth in the industry space as a whole.

The primary benefit we can offer course providers is our laser focus on the most important thing to them: their bottom line profits. Unless a provider so chooses, they do not pay Enky a dime unless a course of theirs actually sells through the Enky marketplace. By ensuring that the only costs to providers are directly driven by sales & collection of customer cash, Enky removes a significant portion of the risk related to marketing and promoting of individual courses as well as the overall provider brand. We take care of the customer acquisition, all providers need to do is create the quality content that professionals have come to expect from educators today. For providers that would like to promote themselves further within the Enky marketplace, we build custom marketing plans that will help drive targeted professional groups to the courses on offer. Through these initiatives, Enky can assist with many of the problems that today’s course providers might face, including low registration figures for live courses (both online & in person) & directing traffic towards more profitable or desirable courses.

Another benefit Enky’s marketplace system provides is the offloading of the significant cybersecurity risks that come along with credit card processing & data collection & storage in the modern age. We live in an era of increasing cyberterrorism & hacking attacks meant to steal personal & professional data, including credit card numbers, professional license information, & address information. Course providers should not be in the business of safeguarding this valuable data, as there is no need for companies & universities that focus on education to be liable in the case of a catastrophic data breach. Thankfully, here at Enky, safeguarding important data is a critical part of our business & we would be more than happy to take the risk out of the hands of course providers. We also handle the other aspects of business, including direct marketing & information processing, so that providers can focus on what they do best: educating the next generation of successful professionals.

Finally, we use our emphasis on data & information collection & processing to deliver cutting-edge analytics that allow course providers to improve their decision making. By changing raw data into usable business intelligence, we can bring unseen trends to life. We analyze the buying & browsing habits of the entirety of our user base to generate important insights that help identify trends in education, courses that are underperforming, & profitability of courses & marketing campaigns. These analytics are delivered directly through the Enky platform & can make the difference between a profitable year & a year of losses.

We strive to make professional education better for all parties, learners & educators alike. We look forward to working with a wide variety of providers from all manner of professions. If you are a course provider & are interested in working with Enky or learning more about the platform, please email me directly at . I would be more than happy to answer any questions, alleviate any concerns, or just have a conversation about the professional education industry. We are excited to work with any & all course providers to bring the hard-working professionals of the United States the quality educational content they are searching for.

Yours truly,

Mike Coté
Enky, Inc. CEO/Co-Founder


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