Monday, October 5, 2015

Middle School Teachers: The Challenge of Adolescence

Hi everyone & welcome back to the Enky Inc. blog! Today I'll be making a brief post to introduce our newest weekly feature that will be coming to all of our social media pages & blog sites: the Profession of the Week. In this recurring weekly series, we'll be profiling one of the 50+ professions that Enky is serving & give some interesting & important information about that particular occupation.

This week is our first Profession of the Week posting, where we'll be profiling Middle School Teachers. As today is World Teacher's Day, what better day to launch coverage of such an important profession to society at large. Middle School Teachers have one of the most difficult jobs of any of the professions is covering, as these hard-working professionals must help children learn & cope with the realities of puberty & the other mental & physical changes that occur during the pre-teen years. What follows below is our first Profession of the Week (PotW) Infographic detailing more facts & figures about the amazing Middle School Teaching occupation. Please feel free to share this post & infographic anywhere you would like. Hope you enjoy & be sure to check back often for more entertaining & educational content from!


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